University Department Logos

A collection of department logos I created as a student intern and then staff member of a university Student Affairs department.

Collection of Logos Designed by Cam Elliott

Residential Life

Incorporating a number of design factors I had seen in other residential office logos at the time, the intent of this logo was to be straightforward and friendly. Creating the logo was an important step in creating a brand identity for the department’s campus events, a significant tool and indicator for customer retention and satisfaction.

Residential Life logo designed by Cam Elliott

Student Government Association (SGA)

Seeing the success of more brand-focused event efforts, the school’s SGA also wanted their own straightforward logo – with an emphasis on policy.

Student Government Association logo designed by Cam Elliott

Griffin Gang

A fun logo project, the Griffin Gang was the university’s school spirit organization. The intent for this logo was to lean into the name and onto the school mascot (a griffin).

Griffin Gang logo designed by Cam Elliott

Leadership and Community Engagement (LACE)

My last logo project for the university, a charge to create a visual element for an abstract (and newly created) department division. With values like community engagement and leadership learning, I leaned into a circular visual that was a) borrowed from Deming’s Continuous Improvement philosophy, but was also embellished with a lace visual style meant to hint at the department’s own acronym – LACE. Being a school with French roots in a city also with French roots (St. Louis), the fleur-de-lis felt appropriate.

Leadership and Community Engagement logo designed by Cam Elliott
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