2020 Seasonal Produce Calendar (Printed)

A personal passion project, I created this printed calendar as a more personal holiday gift for my friends and family in 2020. I’m an avid gardener, and I love to cook my own food, so I thought creating something that would help me and others quickly identify what products were in season for any given month would be really awesome. The calendar was hand crafted from start to finish – not only did I want it to feel like a quality product, I wanted it to be as functional as it was beautiful.

A 2020 seasonal produce calendar designed by Cam Elliott

I started by drawing 60 illustration of various fruits, vegetables, and herbs in Procreate. This was by far my favorite part of the whole process, and I’m still finding ways to use these illustrations across projects.

Watercolor fruit and vegetable artwork drawn by Cam Elliott

I then took to Adobe Illustrator to build out each page, a roomy tabloid-sized calendar with room for notes and tasks.

After selecting a print vendor, I bound and added a wall hook to each calendar by hand. It was important to me that this feel like a really quality piece, so I used all metal components with a heavier paper weight.

Ultimately, I created a number of spare calendars that sold out on Etsy (26 in total!). From those buyers, I received a lot of direct positive feedback, and a few left some really nice reviews on my store:

  • “This calendar is like a breath of fresh air! Beautifully crafted, stunning illustrations. You cannot find a calendar like this anywhere! Good idea for kids as well to show them what fruits & veggies are in season each month. Love – thank you!!”
  • “This calendar is so well made, and so cute! Love seeing it on our kitchen wall.”
Watercolor vegetables drawn by Cam Elliott
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