Naima Coster – What’s Mine and Yours

Episode Description

In our very first episode, we discuss Naima Coster‘s ‘What’s Mine and Yours‘, delving into themes of racism, LGBTQIA rights, women’s rights, motherhood, and so much more! Book synopsis: When a county initiative in NC draws students from a mostly Black high school across town to a nearly all-white high school, a community rises in outrage.

Book Description

When a county initiative in the Piedmont of North Carolina forces the students at a mostly black public school on the east side to move across town to a nearly all-white high school on the west, the community rises in outrage. For two students, quiet and aloof Gee and headstrong Noelle, these divisions will extend far beyond their schooling. As their paths collide and overlap over the course of thirty years, their two seemingly disconnected families begin to form deeply knotted, messy ties that shape the trajectory of their lives.

On one side of the school integration debate is Jade, Gee’s steely, single, black mother, grieving for her murdered partner, and determined for her son to have the best chance at a better life. On the other, is Noelle’s enterprising mother, Lacey May, who refuses to see her half-Latina daughters as anything but white. The choices these mothers make will resound for years to come. And twenty years later, when Lacey’s daughters return home to visit her in hospital, they’re forced to confront the ways their parents’ decisions continue to affect the life they live and the people they love.

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