Digital and Print Ads

A collection of recent company ads I’ve made for digital and print media.

Collection of digital and print ads designed by Cam Elliott

Digital Ads

From social media to PPC, I create a variety of ads that focus on service benefits to product features.

Carousel Ads

Digital carousel ads for LinkedIn are great avenues to expand on ideas that are normally too complex for a single ad.

A carousel LinkedIn ad designed by Cam Elliott: 'Why is carrier diversification shippers No. 1 2021 priority?'
A carousel LinkedIn ad designed by Cam Elliott: 'Do more with your LTL network'

Print Ads

We don’t run many traditional print ads; however, there are a few media sources that we know our customers read. Ads in those sources can be a bit dry, and I like to bring in some personal and fun touches where possible – especially if they will catch the reader’s attention, like in our duck ad below.

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