Corporate Email Design

A collection of recent corporate email designs I’ve made for my current workplace. In my role, I create both the copy and design.

A series of email designs by Cam Elliott

Mixing It Up for Events 🎉

Overall, my current company’s visual brand style is really bright, clean, with a friendly/open tone. We host a variety of events, from formal industry ones to more informal virtual happy hours, and I like to experiment with the visual style from time to time to see what garners the most attention from our recipients.

I’m also a big fan of using a handwritten font from time-to-time. Not only does this bring a more personal touch to the content and style, but it’s a nice way to visually highlight concepts.

Putting a Spotlight on Downloads 🎉

Downloads are another common email type for the company. In these emails, I aim to keep the focus short and on the resource itself – first by placing visual emphasis on the report, and then by inviting readers in with a small content preview. The intent is to keep the email relatively short.

However, I do enjoy experimenting with animated gifs in emails to grab the reader’s eye. Below are a few examples of recent GIFs I created.

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