Corporate Holiday Cards

With this year’s corporate holiday card completed and ready for print (🙌), I thought I would share the newest greenery-focused design alongside last year’s gold-foiled one.

Holiday cards designed by Cam Elliott

Decked in Green for 2021

'Happy Holidays' text with winter greenery woven in, a holiday card designed by Cam Elliott

For my current company, I proposed a card design that spotlighted winter greenery. For some, the pandemic has been a reflective period, and nature has been part of that reflection. I wanted to bring a little bit of nature’s calming… well, nature, to everyone’s mailbox. I drew the greenery illustrations using Procreate, and I edited the card’s page in Adobe Photoshop.

Glimpse of Gold in 2020

Gold-foil 'Happy Holidays' card designed by Cam Elliott

In 2020, I designed a much simpler holiday card – for a variety of reasons. With everyone’s minds in so many places, less felt like more. Though a bit showy, the intent of the gold-foil was to symbolize glimpsing moments of gratitude and happiness in an upsetting year. I created this card in Adobe Illustrator.

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