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Like many, I take my computer desktop very seriously. The thought of a hundred or so folders and files piled on top of one another (all atop a work of art that’s no longer visible) makes me pretty queasy.

In both life and work, I value a clean and minimalistic space, and I firmly believe that all begins with the desktop space waiting to greet you at the start. Choose your wallpaper, choose your day.

Or vice versa, I also love to change my wallpapers up depending on the season, the work I’m doing, or simply my mood that day.

For these reasons and more, I find myself wading through many great wallpaper resources websites; however, sometimes, I really enjoy creating my own, especially when I get to share them with others.

Below, you can find a small collection of recent wallpapers I’ve created, all available for free download. Enjoy!

Wallpaper Screen Support

These downloads are primarily for desktop use, but you can download the Summer Season wallpaper featured in Smashing Magazine for a variety of screen sizes, including mobile and tablet devices. Enjoy!

Looking for Other Clean and Minimalistic Wallpapers?

Below are a few of my favorite free wallpaper resource websites with many great clean and minimalistic wallpaper options:

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